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Turbo Cricket - About The Game

It's not just cricket, and it's certainly not a strange arcade sim. Turbo Cricket is an involving an entertaining Team Building/Management game.

Turbo Cricket uses complicated mathematical formulae to model each and every ball, with each player having eight separate attributes to affect how he/she plays. No match is ever the same, and teams and players display their own individual personalities.

The Programs involved:

Create the greatest players ever using 'The Editor'.
Put them into your teams and add demon batting and bowling orders.

Get your friends to do likewise, and watch them rapidly become your most bitter rival as the game takes shape in the 'Results Creator'.

Was it the pitch that outdid your openers? Surely his bowler's performance was a fluke? Was your fifth wicket stand the best ever? The 'Statistics Viewer' reveals all. Why not stretch your squad to accomodate a one-day team as well?

Play for a bigger prize. Get involved in the unforgettable tension of a tournament between your teams, using the 'Tournament Invoker'. See if your team can perform when it really counts!

Turbo Cricket is Freeware.
The Results Creator and Tournament Invoker require MS-DOS, but can run through Windows with a correctly configured PIF File or DOS Box.
The remainder of programs require Windows 95 or higher.